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Chuck Rohr

Rohr Balloons specializes in aerial entertainment, offering champagne hot air balloon rides, private engagement flights, tethered rides, and weddings aloft in North Texas, as well as corporate hot air balloon advertising nationally. Chuck Rohr has retired after 40 years of ballooning and lives in Mount Dora, Florida. Rohr Balloons is a family-owned and operated business with over 30,000 satisfied passengers flown to-date.

brian rohr and chuck rohr of Rohr Balloons

Brian and Chuck Rohr

Rohr Balloons was founded by Chuck Rohr in 1972 and has grown over the years with the help of his son Brian, who now operates Rohr Balloons, LLC, in McKinney, Texas, just a short drive North of Dallas, TX.

Chuck received his balloon rating in 1970 after reading a magazine article about hot air balloon happenings in New Mexico. He traveled to Albuquerque and experienced his first flight. Soon after, he received his pilot license and has been airborne ever since. He has added many accomplishments to his list along the way, including holding a FAA flight examiner license since 1982. In addition to his 1980 Kool World Pro Balloon Championship, he also holds awards such as: three-time champion of the Great Balloon Race (Bahamas to Florida), Florida State Champion, Illinois State Champion and Texas State Champion, among others.

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