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The Best Rated Hot Air Balloon Rides in North Texas


Rohr Balloons offers the best hot air balloon flights in Texas! From shared flights with other passengers and private flights for couples, to tethered rides at events and large group accommodations, we offer a variety of solutions for everyone wanting the hot air balloon experience from a locally owned and operated business.

Rohr Balloons-locally owned and operated hot air ballooning

Each passenger receives:

*The videos and photos are taken by the ground crew or pilot, not professional photographers.  Unedited photos and videos are posted and shared following the flight that passengers are welcome to download and use or share on social media. However, given the variety of conditions and winds, no guarantees are offered as to the quality of photos and videos provided.  Please feel free to bring your own cameras or hire a professional photographer if desired.

What To Bring on a Hot Air Balloon Ride


Consider your hot air balloon ride like any other outdoor excursion. Here are some items you should bring to help you prepare for the expected and the unexpected:

  • Hat/ball cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Dress for the weather:
    • Jacket, gloves, and layers in winter
    • T-Shirt or lightweight shirt in summer
    • Long Pants you can easily move in
    • Comfortable, close-toed shoes (sneakers)
  • Sunglasses
  • A small cross-body bag, fanny pack, or backpack, or enough pockets so you don’t have to carry a bag.

an unparalleled aerial experience

Rohr Balloons, a premier hot air balloon company helmed by aviation enthusiast Brian Rohr, offers an unparalleled aerial experience, ideal for commemorating milestones such as birthdays and engagements. This esteemed entity stands out in the ballooning sector for its unwavering commitment to safety and exemplary professionalism. Each flight is meticulously orchestrated by a team of FAA-licensed pilots, boasting extensive experience in aerial navigation and meteorology, ensuring a serene and secure journey through the skies.

Emphasizing the importance of creating lasting memories, Rohr Balloons encourages passengers to bring compact photography equipment, like DSLRs or smartphones, safely secured in backpacks or fanny packs. This thoughtful suggestion allows families and couples to capture the breathtaking vistas and cherished moments without any hassle.

The experience is further enhanced by the inclusion of a celebratory champagne toast, a tradition rooted in the rich history of ballooning. This gesture not only adds an element of luxury to the journey but also reflects Rohr Balloons’ dedication to providing a comprehensive and quality service. As passengers ascend to remarkable heights, they are treated to panoramic views and a taste of sophistication, making each flight with Rohr Balloons a memorable endeavor in both adventure and elegance.

What Makes Rohr Balloons Different?

Rohr Balloons is a family-owned and operated company established in 1972 by Chuck Rohr (left) and now run by Brian Rohr (right). We are not a balloon ride broker. We are passionate about the experiences we provide and have worked very hard to establish Rohr Balloons as the go-to balloon flight resource in North Texas.

Our perfect safety record demonstrates our level of expertise and commitment to hot air ballooning. Our first priority is our passengers’ safety, and once we determine conditions are favorable for flight, our priority is making sure the overall experience is one our passengers will remember forever! Each experience is unique, and Rohr Balloons will do our best to make yours magical!

Our Passengers Have Great Things To Say:

Based on 104 Reviews

The most amazing experience ever!

Armin Tarhandeh August 22, 2021

Jason and Allison were absolutely fantastic! They made this experience so fun and stress free. They went above and beyond from the moment we pulled up to the moment they dropped us off. I could not recommend this company and duo enough! Also brian helped coordinate proposal as well and it went so smoothly and definitely recommend this company!

bailey angell August 7, 2021

Had an amazing time! Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and made you feel comfortable throughout the entire experience. Highly recommend. Thank you for the amazing memory Rohr Balloons!

TC July 31, 2021

If you or someone you know is interested in a hot air balloon ride, I highly recommend Rohr Balloons. They are friendly, professional, experienced, and very knowledgeable. It was a wonderful experience that I look forward to doing again.

Kelley Morse July 22, 2021

Another one off my bucket list! This was such a wonderful experience. I went alone for my 66th Birthday, my cousin was there to see me off celebrating her 72nd Birthday. The pilot and staff were Awesome. Step out on FAITH forget your FEARS...Celebrate Life ...THE BEST IS YET TO COME! The Champagne, treats and bonding with the group, was the Cherry on the cake...Rohr Balloons your a 10!

Shirley Gibbs June 24, 2021

This was such a great experience. My boyfriend (now husband) who is afraid of heights decided to make two big decisions all in one day. He attempted to deal with his fear of heights and propose. From his experience with setting up the process and from our experience of the surprise not being ruined. The meet up and the before time was great everyone was nice and sort of kept to their selves. We of course knew why we were there. I let it be a much of an experience as possible though. It was a nice landing and the light snack and mimosas after were a treat. Great crew who work well together and an awesome pilot.

Aubrey White June 7, 2021

Riding on an air ballon was definitely a bucket list item to check, and glad I chose Rohr balloons to get it done! Not only is the owner AWESOME but the crew and the other passengers were just as fun!

Cool Evans April 25, 2021

Rohr balloons was great!! Our pilot David and Corey were great! They made our engagement day perfect. From the time we meet before the flight until we were done they were very professional and informative. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and will be a returning customer for sure.

Mark Garcia April 5, 2021

Beautiful experience with great customer service! Recommend 100%

Edgar Sanchez December 18, 2020

Awesome experience! Bucket list must do! Brian and his crew are fun and knowledgeable. The end of trip ritual of Champagne and treats was unexpected and made the adventure more of a celebration of Life! Call them Today!

Teri King-Sylvester December 10, 2020
peaceful flight in a hot air balloon

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