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Hot Air Balloon Flights in North Texas

Rohr Balloons offers the best hot air balloon flights in Texas! From shared flights with other passengers and private flights for couples, to tethered rides at events and large group accommodations, we offer a variety of solutions for everyone wanting the hot air balloon experience.

Schedule Your Flight Online
A small Non-Refundable Booking Fee per passenger (applied to the final flight price) is required to schedule a flight online. Please call 214.733.9915 to schedule your flight with no booking fee.

Each passenger will receive:

  • Free Digital Photos & Videos of Your Hot Air Balloon Experience*
  • Champagne or Mimosas & Hors d’oeuvre After Every Flight
  • A briefing from the pilot about what to expect

*The videos and photos are taken by the ground crew or pilot, not professional photographers.  Unedited photos and videos are posted here following the flight that passengers are welcome to download and use or share on social media. However, given the variety of conditions and winds, no guarantees are offered as to the quality of photos and videos provided.  Please feel free to bring your own cameras or hire a professional photographer if desired.

Rohr Balloons founder Chuck Rohr and current owner Brian Rohr

Rohr Balloons founder Chuck Rohr and current owner Brian Rohr

What Makes Rohr Balloons Different?

Rohr Balloons is a family owned and operated company established in 1972, not a balloon ride broker. We are passionate about the experiences we provide and have worked very hard to establish Rohr Balloons as the go-to balloon flight resource in North Texas.

Our perfect safety record illustrates our level of expertise. Our first priority is our passengers’ safety, and once we determine conditions are favorable for flight, our priority is making sure the overall experience is one our passengers will remember forever! Each experience is unique, and Rohr Balloons will do our best to make yours magical!

Flight Conditions
Since hot air ballooning is weather-permitting, your flight may need to be cancelled and/or rescheduled due to wind speed, turbulence, ground conditions, or other unsafe conditions that exist. We always try to perform every flight, however, protecting our passenger’s safety as well as private property is our primary consideration. Please realize that Texas weather forecasts can be unreliable, and that last minute cancellations do happen.  We try to be very flexible with rescheduling cancelled flights, if needed.  We also try to avoid cancelling our flights too far in advance, because just as the weather can change for the worse at the last minute, it can also improve dramatically leading up to the flight time.

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