Where Does A Hot Air Balloon Land?

Where does a balloon land

A question we often hear is “where does the hot air balloon land?” The answer is, it depends on several factors, including:

Where the Wind Carries You

The wind determines where your journey in a hot air balloon ends. For example, if the wind is out of the South, Rohr Balloons will choose a launch site that is further south and the balloon will travel North during flight. The wind may be different directions at different altitudes, allowing the pilot to use the wind to maneuver the balloon if varying winds are present.

The Speed of the Wind

The distance traveled depends on the wind speed. Like the direction, speeds can vary at different altitudes. In very calm winds, the balloon will travel a short distance and landings will be gentle. With moderate wind speed, more distance is traveled and landings are more “exciting”, and may include dragging along the ground to slow the balloon to a stop. In times of gusty or high winds, flights may be cancelled due to safety concerns.

The Size of the Area Available

A hot air balloon needs ample space to launch and land. The size of the area needed depends on the wind speed and size of balloon. A smaller balloon is more responsive than a larger balloon, and can make swifter last-minute landings. From the air, the pilot will scope out fields, pastures, or parking lots in the flight path, and as the flight comes to an end, will determine where to land and maneuver the balloon to that landing spot.

View this example of a fairly calm wind landing:


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