The answer is no. Well, for one thing, the top of the balloon reaches approximately 100 degrees Centigrade (the boiling point of water), and when the rain falls on the balloon it cools it. So the pilot has to put in extra heat from the burners to compensate for the heat loss , otherwise the balloon will descend rapidly. This can damage the balloon fabric and makes the balloon harder to control. Rain also adds to the weight of the balloon, which means more heat is required to keep it in flight. Water also runs down the side of the balloon envelope and drips into the basket and on the passengers!

Rohr Balloons takes weather conditions very seriously and will not fly in the rain.

Even after it rains…the mud makes for a messy landing and will end up on your shoes after your hot air balloon flight. Those are just a couple of the reasons…more folks chimed in on our Facebook page!