Crew and Pilot Appreciation Hot Air Balloon Festival


Rohr Balloons put on a small “Crew and Pilot Appreciation Balloon Festival” in Princeton, TX on Sunday.

Local pilots and crew flew over the North Texas countryside early in the morning and also in the afternoon, and even the local powered parachutes joined in!

Our crews work so hard for us and we wanted to say thank you and let them experience the other side of ballooning! So we got them off the ground and in the balloons to enjoy the amazing views on a beautiful day in January. With the relaxed atmosphere, we were able to capture some pretty amazing hot air balloon photography moments.


Bucket List Video

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Why does a Hot Air Balloon Float

Why does a Hot Air Balloon Float?

Hot air rises. Heated air molecules “spread out” or expand and bounce around, and the space becomes less dense than the surrounding space. Increasing the air temperature