Hot Air Balloon Landing

hot air balloon landing

This video of a hot air balloon landing will help you understand what to expect if you’re flying on a slightly windy day. When landing in this situation, it’s good to crouch down in the basket like you see in the video, protect your knees, keep your arms inside the basket, and lean against the front-facing side of the basket, so that when dragging along the ground, you don’t get injured.


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Hot Air Ballooning Passenger Guide

Our Hot Air Ballooning Passenger Guide will help you prepare for your hot air balloon flight. Please read below to learn what to wear, bring, and expect from your experience.

Why does a Hot Air Balloon Float

Why does a Hot Air Balloon Float?

Hot air rises. Heated air molecules “spread out” or expand and bounce around, and the space becomes less dense than the surrounding space. Increasing the air temperature