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Locally owned. Professionally operated. Exceptionally unique.

Hot Air Balloon Flights in North Texas (Click here for Central Florida)

What Makes Rohr Balloons Different?

  • Free Digital Photographs & Videos of Your Experience**
  • This is an extra service provided for
  • Champagne or Mimosas & Hors d’oeuvre After Every Flight
  • Flight Tracking Images
  • Corporate Team Building & Large Group Accommodations
  • 30 Years of Experience
  • Perfect Safety Record

Note: A $10 Booking Fee per passenger is required to schedule a flight.

**The videos and photos are taken by the ground crew, not professional photographers.  Unedited photos and videos are posted following the flight that passengers are welcome to download and use. However, given the variety of conditions and winds, no guarantees are offered as to the quality of photos and videos provided.  These are offered as a bonus for folks who fly with us.  Please feel free to bring your own cameras or hire a professional photographer if desired.

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