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Ensuring a Memorable and Safe Hot Air Balloon Experience: Why Legitimacy Matters

Hot air ballooning is an exhilarating adventure that offers a unique perspective of the world below. However, choosing a reputable and legitimate balloon company is essential to ensure an unforgettable and safe hot air balloon experience. As a leading hot air balloon rides operator for decades, Rohr Balloons can serve as a reference for making the right choice.

What to consider when selecting a hot air balloon company:

Responsive Communication:

  • Please do not buy a ride from a company that doesn’t answer their phone.
    • Communication is vital to any customer-oriented business and holds for hot air balloon companies. A legitimate company will have responsive customer support to address your inquiries, provide information, and ensure a smooth booking process. A lack of responsiveness could be a red flag.

Online Presence:

  • Do not buy a ride from a company that doesn’t have a website.
    • In today’s digital age, a company’s website is its virtual storefront. A well-maintained website showcases the company’s offerings and provides valuable information such as pricing, safety measures, and booking options. Legitimate companies invest in a professional online presence, making it easier for customers to access information and make informed decisions.

Avoid Ride Brokers:

  • Do not buy a ride from a ride broker.
    • Some companies act as intermediaries or brokers, connecting customers with various hot air balloon operators. While this can seem convenient, it can also introduce uncertainties regarding the quality of the experience and safety standards. To ensure a direct and reliable experience, booking directly with an established hot air balloon company like Rohr Balloons is best.

Pilot Expertise and Safety Record:

  • Always ask about the pilots and the safety record of the organization.
    • Safety should be a top priority when selecting a hot air balloon company. Reputable companies employ experienced and certified pilots who adhere to strict safety guidelines. They should be willing to provide information about their pilots’ qualifications and the company’s safety record, ensuring you are in capable hands during your flight.

Seek Social Proof:

  • Look for online social proof of customers flying with the agency, like Rohr Balloons.
    • Social proof, in the form of customer reviews, testimonials, and photos, can provide valuable insights into the experiences of previous passengers. Websites, social media profiles, and review platforms can offer a glimpse into the quality of service and safety standards practiced by the company. Rohr Balloons, for instance, has a solid online presence with positive reviews and customer stories that attest to their legitimacy and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Even reputable third-party sources are falling victim to fraudsters, so we highly recommend booking directly with a hot air balloon pilot or company.

Brian Rohr - hot air balloon pilot - owner of Rohr Balloons

an experience to be cherished

Verifying the legitimacy of a hot air balloon company is paramount to a safe and memorable adventure in the skies. By following these guidelines, recommended by Rohr Balloons, you can make an informed decision and embark on a safe hot air balloon experience that will leave you with cherished memories for years to come.

Remember, a legitimate and reputable company prioritizes your safety
and enjoyment above all else.

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