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Recent Passenger Reviews:

“Brian, What a wonderful experience! Balloon bliss! As you know, me and my two friends had the time of our lives! I am so interested in hot air balloon flight, and so in awe by the beauty of it.
You are a wonderful pilot, it was nice to be carried through the skies by someone so friendly, trustworthy and professional. Thank you so much, Brian! It is my hope to fly again very, very soon. If I could, I’d fly every day. Head in the clouds!”
~ Kati Trice

“Just wanted to let y’all know Renee and I had a great time this morning. Thanks to you and your crew, everything was safe and personable! We will recommend your services to anyone who asks.”
~ Robert M.

“Thank you guys SO much for an amazing flight last night! You made our engagement so special and we’re incredibly lucky to have it all documented in numerous pictures and videos. Our friends are already commenting that it’s almost like they were there. You both made me (Heather) feel so comfortable, even with a fear of heights…I’m ready to go back up again! We’ll continue to share your website with all out family and friends and encourage them to book rides. Keep up the great work and thanks again!”
~ Heather and Justin

“Great flight with you yesterday over Lake County. Cathy is not a “thrill seeker” and was somewhat apprehensive, but had no issues with the ride. Super smooth!! with a great landing at the end. It was great seeing our “neighborhood” from the air. We’ll line up another couple and come back for another flight soon.”
~Bob and Cathy Henderson

“Thanks for the memories! I enjoyed the hot air balloon ride even more than I had thought I would. Your sense of humor and professionalism made me feel confident, comfortable, and totally relaxed. I love the prayer you said after we were back on the ground. I am making a photo album of our flight and want to include the prayer. I think it would be great if you printed the prayer on one of your beautiful photos and added it to the photos you send after each flight. Give my thanks to your crew for doing such a good job. I would fly with you guys every day if I lived closer and had lots and lots of money!
~ Susie W.
Thank you for an unforgettable and breathtaking experience. From the presentation to the greeting to the conclusion…..these were moments captured in our hearts and minds forever. It was a journey that reminds us just what our Creator is capable of and we were blessed to share that together and with your team. You all are super at what you do and we are grateful for such an experience! Here’s to the August 18, 2013 Sunrise Flight……UNFORGETTABLE!!!!!! ~ Chris and Patti

“The entire balloon experience with Brian Rohr and his crew at Rohr Balloons was awesome. Brian was incredibly helpful in the booking process, and his knowledge and fun personality the day of the flight contributed to a joyfully memorable day. All of his staff were friendly and helpful, quickly setting up two massive balloons and then spending the rest of the morning chasing us around, serving delightful mimosas, and packing it all up to return. The pictures they took were perfect (and free!), and we’ll be framing some of them for posterity.

But it wasn’t until the next day that I realized we had an exceptional balloonist navigating our basket. Brian has had years of professional experience, nearly the same number of years experience he’s had wearing the backs of his hands, and that’s how well he knows his business. Brian subtly navigated so that we soared up high to see the horizon for miles and then, with hardly a sense of a change (other than popping ears) we were skimming over the tassels atop cornstalks in a lush field. The muscular beauty of a dozen horses running in a pasture was enjoyed by everyone because Brian, again, gently turned the basket so everyone could have their turn at a “front row seat” to the spectacle. Brian understands the perspective of the traveler in a way the traveler doesn’t even understand without further introspection, and that’s a true gift. I’m thankful we were able to experience this “once in a lifetime” treat, but think I may be dipping back for seconds soon!”
~ Pam Livingston

“Wonderful experience with Brian Rohr and his crew! Highly, highly reccomend the experience! Not only was the flight fun, but the photographs both pilot and crew take make a memorable experience easy to share and relive :-) Thsnk you all! May this New Year bring you all health, joy and prosperity”
~ Francesca Elder

“Thanks for such a great flight Saturday. What an amazing experience. You, your crew and the other passengers were all so friendly and nice. We had a wonderful time.”

~ David Muckian

“What a perfect fall afternoon activity we had today. Brian and his entire crew gave us a wonderful flight and treated us like friends for ever. The view was unbelievable, the floating sensation was indescribable, and the experience of flying high in a gorgeous hot air balloon was amazingly calming.
Thank you Brian and crew for a dream come true!”
~ Cheryl Patterson

“We had a picture perfect Birthday balloon ride & landing, thanks.”
~ Betty Schambeau

“We had a blast today! Can’t wait to see the pictures.”
~ Melissa Crawford-Reddick

“I want to thank you guys for this evening. The three boys you recruited tonight to help you deflate and fold the balloon were talking about it all night. Made their day! We will look for you again in the morning when we go to the festival for the pre-dawn glow and flights. Hope you all have a great time this weekend.”
~ Tony Bolodar

“Thanks for the memories tonight guys- The boys had fun helping you bring down the balloon!”
~ Jennifer Hopson

“As Mother’s Day approaches,, I think of my Mom. Every year she would say, “I wanna go up in a Hot air balloon some day”. I would always reply,” OK ,, I’ll take you,,,,, some day”. Mom died of a heart attack and we never went. I have always regreted that. so my friends, take your Mom for a Hot Air balloon ride this year for Mother’s day. She will love it….”
~ Cassie Wilson

“My wife, Mary and I took our 27th anniversary trip with Rohr Balloons on April 17th,2012.Brian Rohr was our pilot. It was an absolutely fantastic flight.,can’t say enough about it.,Got some great photos and video. Special thanks to Brian for the great adventure and a great day. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend Rohr Balloons for a special event you’ll never forget.”
~ Ron Butler

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