About Rohr Balloons

Rohr Balloons specializes in aerial entertainment, offering champagne hot air balloon rides, private engagement flights, tethered rides, and weddings aloft in North Texas, as well as corporate hot air balloon advertising programs. Rohr is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1972 with over 40,000 satisfied passengers flown to-date.

brian rohr and chuck rohr

Brian Rohr and Chuck Rohr

brian-longviewRohr Balloons, LLC began operations in 1994 in North Texas under the ownership of Brian Rohr. Since that time, the company has grown to housing eight hot air balloons of various sizes. Rohr Balloons can accommodate multiple hot air balloon flight packages for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, engagements, bucket lists, weddings, team building, corporate events, and many more. In addition to local flights, Rohr Balloons manages a national network of balloon operations for Kirkland Productions, providing tethered rides at Universities and Colleges.

Rohr Balloons also develops aerial marketing and advertising programs for our clients, including special packages for Corporate branded basket and balloon banners, custom balloon envelopes, and branded vehicles. Feel free to contact Brian Rohr at 214.733.9915 to learn more about Rohr Balloons, flight options, and corporate advertising.

Meet The Pilots:

Each Rohr Balloons pilot holds a FAA commercial license and delivers a high level of professionalism and entertainment. Our perfect safety record demonstrates our pilots’ expertise, care, and knowledge in all that goes into creating an exceptional experience for our hot air balloon passengers.

Meet The Crew:

The Rohr Balloons hot air balloon ground crew members work hard to help the pilot create a memorable experience for our passengers. The crew is responsible for aiding the pilots during inflation, tracking the balloon in flight, taking pictures from the ground, and packing up the balloon post-flight. We have the best crew in town!

In The News:

Rohr Balloons is featured in McKinney Magazine, RSW Living magazine, and often is the interest of news crews and bloggers. Below are a few of our recent feature stories: